Monthly Archives: May 2014

Use A Daily Mail Advert for Amazing Results!

Despite the significant gains made by online media advertising, Webwindows urges you to not forget that print media advertising is alive and well, and can still bring major interest to your ad campaign if you target a truly effective publication. This is why you should consider the Daily Mail for your sustained ad campaign; it… Read more »

Government Decides to Up Ad Spend

The UK government has decided to up its ad spend going forward into a general election year. What does this government reliance on advertising in times of trouble show us about the power of this lucrative marketing method? The Webwindows blog investigates. The UK government is in somewhat of an untenable position right now. As… Read more »

Sunday Times Classified Ads: Effective for a Reason

If you are looking for an advertising medium that engages your target consumer then Webwindows suggest you might want to consider classified ads. The classified ads featured in the Sunday Times present a unique opportunity to take full advantage of the benefits of this medium to draw customers to your advertising campaign. Newspapers: The Credible… Read more »

Online More Popular With Consumers than Television

Webwindows know that a major concern with advertising is platform – which platform has the capability to reach the largest share of your consumer base? If new emarketer research is to be heeded, the answer to that has to be online. At Webwindows – the expert dedicated to bringing you the most effective advertising service… Read more »