Five Outdated SEO Practises You Shouldn’t Be Using

With SEO evolving rapidly, this week Webwindows wanted to let you know what you should be doing, by outlining five outdated SEO practises you shouldn’t be using

SEO is Changing All the Time

As a web marketing solution provider, who have been helping companies across the UK craft bottom line raising ad campaigns for the past ten years, Webwindows knows a thing or two about SEO.

The thing about SEO is that it isn’t static. SEO depends on Google, and Google is constantly implementing new measures to ensure that it’s searches provide relevant content for its users. Therefore, as Google changes, SEO practises that once proved quite effective in promoting content, are rendered redundant.

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Don’t Use the Following Five SEO Practises

However it’s sometimes hard to keep up, to know which practises will still provide results and which now prove ineffective, which is why Webwindows has compiled the following list of five outdated SEO practises you shouldn’t be using, to help you figure it out.

  1. Keyword Stuffing: You should know this one by now. Google only likes relevant content, which is why stuffing your content with keywords won’t work. Rather, you should take a content marketing approach, and tailor your content to fit your keywords, so Google will see it as natural and rank it for your search term.
  2. Avoiding Repurposed Content: Because duplicate content can damage a sites performance, people think that means they should avoid repurposed content as well, as it would result in a loss of traffic and be punished by Google. But as a post on SEO Moz shows, repurposed content can actually boost traffic and help your site rank. Google won’t punish your site for it.
  3. Copying Competitors: Even now, some people seem to be operating under the delusion that just because a competitor ranks above you, you should copy them to beat them. What those people don’t remember however, is that the competitor is so effective because they are proving relevant. That is why instead of copying a competitor, you should tailor your optimisation strategy to your company’s specifications, as that will make your site more relevant and enable it to move up the rankings.
  4. Link Building: In the early days, it used to be thought that the more links you had in your content, the higher your content ranked on Google. This is why practises such as link building have become so popular, but they really aren’t effective. Google only likes relevant links, which is why you should engage in alternative linking strategies, which focus on cultivating links naturally, instead.
  5. Hiding Text: Hiding text to maximise on optimisation, simply doesn’t work anymore. Google sees hidden text as spam, and these days punishes sites that use it. Instead, find natural ways to insert optimisation text throughout your content.

Don’t Cheat With SEO

Ultimately, when it comes to SEO, it’s always important to avoid trying to cheat. Google doesn’t like it, and that means that even if it works in the short term, it never works out in the long term, and will damage the effectiveness of your web marketing strategy.

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