Mobile Most Popular Device for Accessing Mail Online

New data suggesting that mobile has become the most popular device through which users access the Mail Online, has caught the interest of Webwindows this week.

Technology is Changing the Web Marketing Landscape

Over our decade plus long tenure of delivering bottom line-lifting web marketing solutions to companies across the UK, Webwindows have borne witness to the alteration of the web marketing landscape. Where once, it was a relatively simple concept, today, it is as complex and diverse at it is profitable.

Primarily, this is because new digital technology is being introduced into the world at lightning speed, and this technology provides new ways for users to consume content online. This has never been more apparent to Webwindows than it has been this week.

How Many Readers Are Using Their Mobile to Access Content?

This is because the National Readership Survey (NRS) has recently revealed that not only Mail Online, but the Mirror and Metro too, are accessed by readers more by mobile, than by any other device.

Specifically the survey, which shows a clear reader shift from desktop to mobile, revealed that the Mail Online is accessed by 10.8 million a month via their mobiles, as compared to 9.6 million people a month on their desktops.

Meanwhile the Mirror has a 6.2 million to 4.9 million per month ratio in favour of mobile readers, and for the Metro, 3.6 million readers a month read the publication from their mobiles, whilst only 2.9 million do so from their desktops.

The Mail is the Most Popular Newspaper Brand in Britain

So why is it so important that readers are switching to mobile to read the Mail Online specifically, after all, the change seems to be sweeping every online publication in Britain. It’s so important, because the popularity of the online news site shows us just how pervasive this trend has become.

mail online

The Mail is the Most Popular Newspaper Brand in Britain

The Mail Online, along with its paper counterpart, the Daily Mail, is easily the most read newspaper brand per month in the UK. It reaches 23.4 million people. Essentially, the newspaper brand is now seen by 48.3% of UK adults every single month. Contrast that with its nearest competitors, the Telegraph and the Guardian, which both have a figure of 16.3 million; you see just how popular the Mail brand is.

Do You Want Your Advertising Strategy to Be Effective?

So of course these figures caught the attention of Webwindows. The popularity of the Mail means that they really show that consumers are turning to mobile to consume their online content, suggesting that if you want your advertising strategy to be effective; maybe you should do the same.

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