UK Digital Ad Increases by 15%

Following the news that total UK digital ad spend has increased by 15%, Webwindows illustrates why digital is more important than ever to your ad strategy.

Digital Ads are King in 2014

As a company that has been providing effective web market solutions for over a decade, Webwindows has stood witness to the rise of digital ads. They are coming to increasingly dominate the market in 2014.

That is because of their versatility, as well as the pervasiveness of digital technology in today’s society. Smartphones, laptops, tablets etc. are everywhere, and the fact that they allow companies to strategically target users, makes digital ads effective with pin-point precision.

Ad Spend Goes up Everywhere

Which is why it is not even slightly surprising that in 2013, digital ad spend increased year-on-year by 15% to hit £6.3 billion. Meanwhile, mobile ad spend accounted for every £1 in £6 last year, as it doubled to shatter the £1 billion ceiling.

Furthermore, data from Internet Advertising Bureau UK’s (IAB) Digital Adspend report, which was conducted by PwC, shows that it was a great year for advertising on the internet as a whole. This is largely down to tablet-dedicated advertising, which climbed to £34.4 million in 2013. This was a massive rise of 400%.

Everyone Has a Tablet These Days

Again, this is hardly surprising, as studies have recently shown that one in four British consumers are now in possession of a tablet.

And this has directly affected advertisers, as further data from IAB and PwC goes on to show that in the modern world, 36% of people in the UK are now accessing the internet via their tablets. That’s over a third. Meanwhile, data showed that due to the dissemination of new device i.e. smartphones, tablet, the number of people accessing the internet via a laptop has dropped to just under two thirds.

Digital is Vital to Your Ad Campaign

If this data tells you anything, it should be that digital is more important to your advertising campaign than ever, if you want to use it to lift your company’s bottom line. There’s a very good reason digital ad spend is going up across the board, after all!