Viewing of Mobile Videos Doubles Over Past Year

New research has suggested that viewing figures for mobile videos have doubled over the past year, showing Webwindows why the medium is more vital to web marketing than ever.

The Way People View Content Online is Changing

You cannot provide effective web marketing solutions for a range of firms across the UK for over a decade, like Webwindows have, without noticing the landscape change. The environment of modern web marketing is very different than it was ten years ago.

Many of those differences stem from how people view content online. Whereas back in 2004 they only had one medium – a desktop – to do so, they now have multiple mediums through which to peruse content online.

Mobile Video Viewing Rises 400% Over Two Years

That choice is leading more people than ever to view videos on their mobiles, as opposed to their laptops or desk tops. An article featured by the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) last week showed that the figure has in fact doubled over the past twelve months.

The article cites data collected by Ooyala. A recent report commissioned by the company found that mobile content viewing figures rose from two years ago by a rate of 400%. Meanwhile, the figure increased by 127% in 2014’s second quarter from the same quarter in 2013.

The research went on to explain why there has been such a rapid rise, arguing that it is due to ‘faster networks, more bandwidth and an increasing number of smart mobile devices.’ It went on to suggest that ‘as a result, mobile will make up more than half of online video viewing by the start of 2016.’

How Long Are the Videos People are Viewing?

Delving deeper into the trend, the Ooyala research found that the most popular length of content viewed online was that between one and three minutes. Not only did this category of length account for four out of ten plays on mobiles, but almost the same ratio (38%) on tablets.

Yet when it came to video length that racked up the most viewing time overall, clips lasting 10 minutes or more were the most popular in the second quarter of this year. Not only did they account for 81% of total viewing times of online videos on connected TV’s, they accounted for 70% on tablets, 62% on desktops and even 49% on smartphones.

Mobile is a Vital Element of any Effective Modern Ad Campaign

More than anything, these figures should show why mobile is becoming a crucial element of any online ad campaign. The way people are viewing online content is changing, and as it changes, you need to include mobile element in your ad strategy to ensure you reach the largest swathe of your target consumer group possible. Only then, will you be able to use an innovative web marketing solution to lift your bottom line.

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