Why Should You Advertise With the Guardian?

This week, we want to take the time here on the Webwindows blog to explain why you should advertise with the Guardian.

Craft a Multi-Faceted Advertising Strategy

As a company that builds innovative web marketing and advertising strategies for businesses across the UK, and has done so for the past decade, Webwindows knows the power of newspaper advertising.

They provide you with the perfect avenue to utilise to reach customers, as well as showcase your product and services. Ultimately, through reaping the benefits of newspaper advertising, you can craft a multi-faceted advertising strategy.

What are the Advantages of Newspaper Advertising?

Essentially, newspapers provide value for money that other mediums, such as the web, are not always capable of achieving, because newspapers enjoy credibility, and ad placed with them benefits from their trustworthiness. The bond a paper shares with a reader, makes them feel like they can trust their endorsement of a product of service.

Then there is the fact that a paper is a real, physical thing. It isn’t gone in a flash – a newspaper ad has takeaway value. People can store them away to peruse at their own leisure-  something you can’t do with an ad online that will whizz you by the second you see it.

The Guardian is a Great Newspaper to Advertise With

Yet that doesn’t mean you should blanket advertise with every newspaper. Each publication has its own target audience. One key target audience for any advertising strategy is the affluent and well informed, which is why you should advertise with the Guardian. Not only does this description fit its readers to a tee, but it enjoys a fantastic reputation for journalistic excellence and boasts high circulation figures.

When it comes to circulation figures, the Guardian averaged sales of 207, 958 for January 2014, (ABC). This means that the newspaper has, in spite of a cover price hike of 20p, amassed a year-on-year increase in circulation of 1.72%.  The fact that circulation figures rose in spite of a cover price hike is impressive, and shows just how valued a newspaper the Guardian actually is.

The Guardian Takes Advantage of the Best of Newspaper Advertising

Ultimately, an ad in the Guardian takes advantage of the very best elements of newspaper advertising. Couple Guardian based advertising with more versatile web marketing strategies, and you’ll craft an ad campaign sure to lift your bottom line.